Volunteering an aircraft for VAC missions
Many of the plane owners who volunteer with us are also pilots who welcome the opportunity to perform a valuable service while maintaining their proficiency. Some owners come from military backgrounds themselves; others are seasoned aviators or simply passionate about flying. But they all have one thing in common - the desire to serve those who have served us.
In the interest of safety as well as camaraderie, the VAC encourages two rated pilots to fly together when practical.
Corporate aircraft & fractional ownership aircraft Volunteering the use of a plane is an outstanding way for businesses to demonstrate their patriotism and put available resources to work for a good cause. For companies involved in fractional aircraft ownership programs, it's an excellent use of unused flying hours.

Aircraft Qualifications
VAC missions often exceed 250 miles, we look for multi-engine or high-performance single-engine aircraft with:
Certification for instrument flight
A standard U.S. airworthiness certificate
Licensure in the normal or utility category
You are responsible for your aircraft's compliance at all times with applicable federal and state regulations regarding insurance, maintenance, operations and license.

PICs typically supply their own aircraft.
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We look forward to serving our veterans with you.

Pilot Qualifications
A valid U.S. pilot's license
Current medical
An instrument rating as well as ratings appropriate to the aircraft you will be flying
A clean flying record: your license must never have been suspended or revoked, and the FAA must never have taken enforcement actions against you

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Ready to volunteer? Fill out the Aircraft Application form.
We look forward to serving our veterans with you.
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